My teenage Aspergian and I decided to see this movie last summer since it was about a young man with Asperger’s Syndrome. The movie stars Hugh Dancy as the main character Adam.  After the death of his father, Adam must deal with the challenges of life by himself, including simple things like meals and cleaning, as well as losing/finding a job and finding/losing a romantic relationship with a “neuro-typical”.

For me, it was painful to watch at times when the main character was constantly misunderstood and often unable to cope with change.  I thought it was an accurate portrayal of the difficulties Aspergians deal with, as well as some of their more typical tendencies. My daughter did not like the movie at all, as she fears that people who see it will see Adam as the stereotypical person with Asperger’s and think that all people with Asperger’s have the same strengths/weaknesses.

Overall, I believe that Adam is a step in the right direction towards generating more awareness and understanding of the syndrome.