Maybe it’s the attempted mainstreaming of those with Asperger’s or the entertainment industry’s quest for quirky characters, but it seems like the Syndrome is popping up everywhere.  Hopefully, this will create not only a better understanding of the typical traits (social ineptness, unusual special interests, giftedness, literal interpretations, etc), but also the knowledge that each individual with Asperger’s is vastly different in their strengths and weaknesses. Asperger’s is definitely not a cookie cutter diagnosis – it’s on the spectrum.

Here’s a list of some characters who seem to exhibit many of the common Asperger’s traits, if not actually being identified as such:

  • Temperance Brennan (Bones)
  • Zack Addy (Bones)
  • Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)
  • Detective Goren (Law & Order)
  • Michael Scott (The Office)
  • Gil Grissom (CSI)
  • Charlie Eppes (Numbers)
  • Kevin Stark (Eureka)
  • Connor (Degrassi)

Next time you see an episode, try looking at these characters for Aspie traits – it’s very interesting. I’m sure there’s many more.  If you have to add, please comment!