These are a collection of symptoms listed in various sources, put into “layman’s terms”.  Those with Aspergers may not exhibit all of these symptoms – it’s a very individualized condition.

  • preoccupied with a favorite subject
  • possibly gifted in a particular skill
  • one-sided conversations, usually about their particular subject of interest
  • speech marked by a lack of rhythm, an odd inflection, or a monotone pitch
  • isolated from others because of poor social skills and narrow interests
  • eccentric behavior and interests
  • developmental delays in motor skills
  • awkwardness, poor coordination
  • a walk that can appear either stilted or bouncy
  • unable to read body language or understand social cues in conversation
  • dislike changes in routine
  • appear to lack empathy or portray the correct emotion in facial expressions
  • taking things literally; not understanding jokes
  • a formal speaking style, advanced for their age, making them seem like little professors
  • inappropriate eye contact – either avoiding it as if it’s painful or staring too much
  • unusual facial expressions or posture
  • heightened sensitivity – easily overstimulated by loud noises, lights, strong tastes or textures (sensory integration dysfunction)
  • singled out by others as weird or strange
  • difficulty forming friendships with people their own age

This list is for informational purposes only.  Never self-diagnose – always seek the professional assistance of a psychologist or other licensed specialist.  If you know of other symptoms that I have left off – please comment on this post.