Robert Pattinson and other cast members of the Twilight vampire movie saga are sinking their teeth into a new role. This role, however, is more sweet and savory.

They’ve created a special item that will be auctioned off at the Icare4autism 2010: Cocktail Gala — an EXCLUSIVE Twilight Limited Edition Movie Masterpiece Collage. This fabulous item is made up of memorabilia that is out of production, collectible snippets and things unavailable to the general public. The money raised from the item will go to funding autism research and education conducted by the International Center for Autism Research and Education.

If you’d like the chance to bid on this Twilight masterpiece, you can now purchase tickets to the Icare4autism 2010: Cocktail Gala, which will be held on Thursday April 15th, from 6-10pm, at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa.